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What Car? - 1400 jobs under threat at Vauxhall

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  • What Car? - 1400 jobs under threat at Vauxhall

    Reports in German press
    Jobs to go across UK
    Owners have not confirmed cuts


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    fingers crossed for all the workers.....


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      Originally posted by Thumper View Post
      fingers crossed for all the workers.....
      Here, here, it's always the U.K that lose the jobs


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        Will have to wait & see what happens guys, all speculation at the moment & it gives the media a story to sell their magazines ect.

        ( gets coat & drives to RAF airfield for flight with Lancaster, Target for Tonight is Germany)
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          Just seen this on a German news channel. Couldny understand most of
          it but the numbers mentioned were 1500 at Ellsmere Port and 2500
          at Luton.
          In Germany there's demonstrations, marches, protests, the government's up in arms, and that report this morning was on for over 30mins yet in this country there's nowt on telly so I guess nowt's being done.

          Has this country given up!? Or is it just not being reported


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            Besides the 2200 Vauxhall workers at Ellesmere there is also another company called Syncrion Automotive who supply parts to the line alongside the Vauxhall workers, they have about 800 employees on a 2 shift setting plus other contractors on site again about 800 so if there are going to be any job cuts that will include them as well.
            The last few weeks Vauxhall has been taking work back from them.

            IMO the next 6 months are going to be rife with rumours & speculation, i know Antwerp in Belgium has no new car so that plant is almost deffo going to shut
            sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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              It's not a good time to be in manufacturing but as you say Sean at least you have a new car to build.

              Here's a link to a story about Antwerp.



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                anyone seen the news shorts in total vauxhall mag?

                GM has signed up to a £180 million joint venture with the chinese state owned car marker FAW to make light trucks and vans


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                  I hope the UK sites don't become the sacrificial lamb in all this. It's not good to be in a UK leg of a multinational company in the current economic climate. Exchange rates, logistical costs and lack lustre government legislation to protect workers is putting the UK industries under intense pressure.

                  If something isn't done soon, the UK is gonna find itself on the scrapheap, we're already racking up huge government debts with no way to pay it back.