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Corsa B 1.0 still going...just

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  • Corsa B 1.0 still going...just

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, no-one has shown any interest in this pensioner with a 20 year old car (no violins please), but for the record, he has successfully changed both the crank sensor and the lambda sensor and achieved fault-free engine running. At 35 quid for the latter, I'm glad I didn't waste time testing the (20 year?) old one.

    I really like the old Corsa, it suits my somewhat eccentric way of life, so for a 50 quid outlay, I'm glad to be able to carry on driving it. I see much older ones still on the road, it's got a well-engineered feel about it, in keeping with its Teutonic origins. Others will disagree but I speak as I find.
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    Good to keep these old Vauxhalls on the road, I have two 23 year Vectra B's + a 20 year old Astra G and a 18 year old Vectra B.