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  • Keen Newbie on a mission...

    Hello !

    I really wanted to post in the Calibra section, but I can't yet. So here will do !

    I will list some names and places as I am keen to find previous info or even old owners of my new ( but in poor shape ) car:

    M999 MPS
    Pentagon, Rochdale
    Mr M Singleton

    It is my hope to locate the previous owner that spent thousands on this once showroom condition car.

    Sadly it fell into the hands of a numpty over the last 2 years ( or there-abouts ) who has 'played' with it and now its suffering. My hope is to either reverse engineer it or go right out the other way ( with extreme care and consideration ). If anyone knows of this car, name or the Vauxhall dealership staff - let me know ! Could be a sweet trip down memory lane for someone.

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    Welcome and good luck matey


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      Have you got any photos of the car? Someone might recognise it and point you in the right direction if it has been a show car, which it sounds like it may have been at some point


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        It was the guy who had the full touring car graphics applied to his Calibra DTM turbo. The owner was a Vxlscc member and it has been on the stand at Billing in the past.

        What has been done to it as it used to be standard with the white BBS alloys, and black leather seats except for the graphics.


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          Welcome to the club.
          I know the car now. Be nice to see it restored. cant be that many Calibra Turbos left, especialy the DTM model
          sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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            Welcome to the club mate.......good luck finding all you need to know...


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              Hi and welcome to the club, beszt thing to do is contact HQ & Nick might be able to pass on some details, hope this helps


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                hi all ! Thanks for the replies !

                Some of you already know the car so thats reasuring. I uploaded the only pics i have to my user cp if that helps.

                Basicly the car has been spotless until someone not to clued up got a hold of it. The body is the worst part as he has let the surface rust carry on. It is only surface, but likely will need the graphics to come off in order to treat the body properly and bodyowrk is not my area at all. So if anyone knows of a way to tackle this, let me know.

                The mechanics, it has juddering on the back on tight cornering, my guess is the accumilator ball as the label says change after 50,000 miles or after august 2008. But the previous owner found the easy way round it was by taking the fuse for the AWD out and running FWD only......fine if you can afford new tyres regularly.

                Also someones been modding, phase 3.5 is what it is on. The large intercooler is tripe, esspecially the pipe work. I want it all off ideally. But my guess is that someones just cained the pants off it at high boost. So there is a clatering that sounds like a manifold leak. It smokes on idle sometimes ( oily smoke, so if not manifold leak, could be valve, rings or the turbo ) and the exhuast ( stock ) is shot as well. Suspension is soggy even though Mr Singleton replaced them not to long ago, but again me thinks someones been killing the poor thing.

                I want to do some reverse engineering first, and take it from there. This is a good reason for wanting to see if i can briefly speak with the old owner for his input.

                Thanks again for the welcome and replies !
                PS ) anyone know where i can get hold of the stock/standard intercooler pipes ?
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                  Certainly shouldn't be running phase 3.5 on a standard exhaust, sounds like its cooked the seals in the turbo, hopefully. A full engine rebuild would be a bit of a stinger

                  It was a well looked after car. If you search out photos on the net from Billing VBOA Shows in the past, the car was featured on the Vauxhall Sports Car Club stand a few years back if I remember correctly


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                    Hello & welcome to the club. I remember seeing the cars photo's on the club site either last year or the year before. As already said the car used to be a minter. Hope you get it back to that. Good luck.


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                      Thanks once again for the welcome and replies !

                      Its is the car used at the show as I have found a few bits in the 2 folders full of paperwork. Such a shame its been neglected, and it will likely cost a few grand to get it mint again, esspecially with the cosmetics as the graphics will have to come off in part or fully.

                      Thats a good point about the seals on the tubby, I didn't think about the exhaust causing larger parts of the problems, but when the cats on it too....

                      Good job i've been going steady on it. I'll keep to the plan of stripping the ancileries off and the turbo, see whats going on. I'd guess the exhuast and joke of a FMIC are causing the heafty lag as well as the tubby likely mushed up. What a mess ....

                      Anyway, all being well I will be able to get it back into shape once I have located a few bits and pieces, perhaps even a spare engine for the time being so I can strip the original and work on it over time.

                      Thanks again for the info and support !


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                        Yes - I know this Calibra and Mike Singleton well. Mike is indeed a current member, and now has a black Meriva VXR.
                        I'll be happy to pass on your contact details to him - I'm sure he'd be interested to talk to you!

                        Best regards,



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                          Thank you very much Nick ! Thats very kind of you. If Mr Singleton can spare just a few minutes to talk about the car it will give me a more solid picture about the history of the car and the best route to take to get back to its original condition.

                          Glad I posted up ! Thanks again everyone !


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                              Thanks for the welcome once again. I'm starting the work on the car, but first I want a suitable full exhaust system to see how much of the problems are being caused by it having a standard exhaust on with the cat. 2nd hand is fine.

                              If anyone can point me in the direction of one, please let me know as I can't post in the wanted section at the moment. Thanks !