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  • Buckfast Cocktails

    Got sent this in work, I don't know whether you could order these in a cocktail bar though

    Bamgria: equal measures Buckfast and Irn Bru.
    Punk Champagne: two parts white cider to one part Buckfast.
    Malifast: one part Malibu Rum to one part Buckfast.
    Chamfast (known as Buckyfizz in Ireland): Champagne and Buckfast.
    Lamfast (also know as Poor Man's Chamfast): Lambrini and Buckfast.
    Slamfast or T'killfast: Tequila and Buckfast.
    White Monk (also know as Buckshake): Milk and chilled Buckfast, in the case of the Buckshake combined in a half empty bottle of Buckfast, resealed and shaken vigorously.
    Buckaroo AKA "Bucktini": Buckfast, Taboo and Lemonade.
    Tramps Breakfast: Buckfast and MD 20/20.
    Chuckfast: Bottle of Buckie, 4 cans of redbull and half a bottle of vodka.
    Captain Buckseye : Buckfast and Captain Morgan's Spice
    Supercharged Bucky (also known as Bullfast): Equal measure of Buckfast and Red Bull
    *****: Equal measures of Vodka, Bacardi and Buckfast
    Ruckfast: Bottle of Buckie, 6 cans of Stella.
    StarBucks: Buckfast and Espresso.
    Buckcham or Babyfast: Buckfast and 80s cheese and wine party favourite Babycham.
    Turbo buckfast: Equal measures of smirnoff ice and Buckfast, Invented in Penshaw.
    Calfast: Bottle of buckfast and a bottle of calpol.

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