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  • Thank you

    Just like to say thank you to the team who organised pv for us this weekend, even though it was poor weather to start with i still enjoyed the day


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    yep it's a shame about the weather, but a good day was had by all also Thank you Gemma for helping clean the cav!


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      Originally posted by James Chambers View Post
      Thank you Gemma for helping clean the cav!
      No probs I'd say any time but you might make me do it every day at Billing lol!

      Had a wicked day once it dried out! Well done to everyone that made it in the bad weather and well done to the organisers top job and the stand looked mint best yet I would say!!



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        Originally posted by Mike View Post
        Just like to say thank you to the team who organised pv for us this weekend, even though it was poor weather to start with i still enjoyed the day

        Many thanks Mike, but it's important to remember that a show is only ever as good as all those who attend!


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          so true!


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            Well done Nick & Paul for the organisation today.

            Despite the slightly damp start to the day, fun was still had (except perhaps with regards to a certain yellow car).

            Timed my departure just right as just as i cleared the gates of Pod got a call from the other half to say that my best friends dad passed away in the early hours of the morning so managed to go and visit him and his family over in Hounslow as well.

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              A big thanks and 10/10 for Nick and Paul for standing out in the torrential rain parking the cars while the rest of us sheltered in the units at the end of our pitch.

              The West Scotland contingent had a great day once the weather cleared, we were all set for leaving about 10am with Slingy already on the way out when he spotted the chink of blue sky and sun in the distance, thankfully he turned around. It was also good to see the Irish boys putting all the effort in to attend....the manta was lovely and got loads of attention thoughout the day.

              It was good to meet up and have a chat, roll on Billing!

              We got home about midnight and it was a good run home with no delays on the motorways (apart from Steve, Andy and Jamie going their own little detour) and thankfully as Berley said there were no queuing issues leaving the showground.....although the state of the access roads were terrible! Imagine camping in that sh it hole!

              5 weeks and counting


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                Originally posted by Scott View Post
                It was good to meet up and have a chat, roll on Billing!
                5 weeks and counting
                Hell yeah!!!


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                  Glad the weather cleared up around 10ish.
                  Good to catch up with members then have a look round all the other cars.
                  Cheers to Paul & Nick
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                    My shoes are still wet, and who drank all the coffee

                    Thanks to all that made it and stuck it out until the end

                    PS If you have any ideas for a different location for the show, please let me know as a few clubs (including us) are going about proposing a new location to Future Publishing.

                    I'm keen on it moving further north in light of it being so close to billing in both location a date.
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                      what about some where like stamford hall, they have jaguar, mini & MG shows there ETC ?


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                        It wouldn't be PVS without the strip though!


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                          apart from the weather, big thumbs up


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                            Yeah, well done Nick @ Paul for the well organised stand, it's a pity that the weather was only fit for ducks.
                            Having said that the skies cleared on the Sunday and the sun came out, and could put the brolly back in the car.

                            Talking about cars, what a mess mine was by the time we got off the Pod, never has it been so filthy, the arch's and suspension where glogged with red mud --- what a mess and obviously everyone else was the same.
                            On the way back to the M1 we found a Tesco store which had a jet wash and was i glad.
                            This morning i spent time cleaning the car and it now feels like i own it once more..
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                              Thanks to Paul & Nick for the organisation of the stand etc.

                              Shame about the weather.

                              I got the jetwash out when i got home and cleaned out the arches from the mud. Luckily it was not that bad as I zigzagged on the route out to miss most of it.

                              It was good to catch up with a few faces who I have not seen for a while and the banter was good till someone put their stereo and you could not hear what everyone was saying.

                              I would not mind if it was further north as it would be a change of scenery.

                              Roll on Billing!!