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PVS 09 Our Report with pics

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  • PVS 09 Our Report with pics

    Here are a few pics from today, beware tho that it is very very muddy at the pod because of all of the rain, you will see what the campsite is like in a mo because there are some pics of it

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    This Maloo was belting down the drag strip in 12-13s times, it must be supercharged

    These are the pics of the mudbath campsite

    It was a fairly good day, no ques to get in or out (we got there about 1040) but it was filthy with a lot of mud from the campsite everywhere & they kept having to clean the dragstrip coz of the mud

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    Some nice looking cars there Drew I was considering going up tomorrow but not now looking at all that MUD


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      Originally posted by Rob View Post
      Some nice looking cars there Drew I was considering going up tomorrow but not now looking at all that MUD
      If you have a clean car, it will deffo be filthy by the time you park up, our stand is on the tarmac hardstanding, there is a lot more new hard standing than last year


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        typical camp sitetomoz be fine and sunny lol

        see u all tomoz

        pics look good chap


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          hope it stays dry, im taking the cav cant cope with that getting mucky


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            I forgot to put yesterday.... are Corsa VXRs actually very fast because none of the ones going down the strip were very good at all, none did less than 15s quarter miles & none got near 100mph. There was an insane nova doing high 12 & low 13s times, it looked like it was going to take off


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              yeah there's a couple that I know of that would do better than that, it was very muddy today, the cav's awaiting it's clean ready for next weekend for BTCC @ croft


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                The weekend was very wet but ok in the afternoons, better than a lazy weekend in the garden!!


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                  Some good pics there mate! Glad I didnt camp was a good day today though once it stopped raining!



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                    Good pics there m8, liked the back of the Insignia with all the Irmy bits on.
                    LOL agt the conditions, we stood there for 2 hrs on Sunday morning in the rain before it cleared up and the strip action eventually started around 1pm. Good to see many members again


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                      I dragged the GTE down and got there at 07:00 on Saturday, dropped the GTE off at on the TV stand and had a wonder. Sat morning rain wasn't bad at all and it cleared over by 11:30. Slept in the trusty Frontera near the TV stand and bizarrely had a really good nights sleep. Sunday morning was very very wet but the afternoon was cracking. My water resistant GTE didn't do bad in the rain and the predicted 1" deep water in the foot wells and spare wheel well didn't appear, just had a few very small puddles inside.

                      On a side note I had a chat with Matt Neil on Sunday as I was loading my GTE, he's a cracking chap and very friendly.

                      All in all I felt it was a cracking weekends show but still feel PVS has outgrown Santa Pod, also agreed by a few others I spoke with over the weekend.
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