Its been a while since I posted my last mix and to be honest I'd lost a little interest/enthusiasm in my DJing but with a night out coming up on June 19th to see Stefan Bodzin at the Lightbox in London (what an ace club! check this out - to hear some filthy techno I started to listen to a bit of techno & tech house so £20 later I've downloaded some tunes and put together a mix!

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did when mixing it. I apologise for all the skips (it really kills the flow in some places) but it shows how knackered my CDJs are and the miracle that it made it all the way to the last mix before it decided to skip mid mix (right before the big drop too! Was fine for the 30secs in the mix then bam! )

Lets see if I can get 100 downloads on this mix in the 1st week - came so close last time!


Adam S - What's Occuring
Wolfgang Gartner - Yin
Steve Haines - Wipeout
Marc Benjamin - Nimsay
Carl Tricks Ft. Dan'thony - Alive
Fuzzy Hair - Yebele
Joey Seminara & Simon Gain - Far Away
Darwin Backwall - Bob-omb
Faithless feat. Cass Fox - Music Matters
Abramasi - The Way