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A one off Vectra VXR maybe????

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  • A one off Vectra VXR maybe????

    Or just some one who hasn't got a Clue what there selling?

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    I would go with someone that does not have a clue what they are selling.

    Tempting at just under £6k.

    I like the way no pics of the seats and no mention of mileage.


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      i bet its had a few bangs and bumps too, however what a sleeper


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        Nice Police spec VXR, **** seats, **** wheels, **** everything EXCEPT the engine, suspension and brakes

        Where can I buy a saloon one?


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          There were a few Vectra 2.8 Turbo Police Spec estates around a couple of years ago and this looks like one of them - we had one to try at work.

          General consensus was that when loaded up with all the gear in the back (stinger, cones, signs, etc. etc.) they became too light on the front and accordingly were a bit unstable at speeds over 100mph.

          Now were getting BMW 530d Tourings to replace the V70's as the new shape V70's are not as good as the old ones in Police Spec.

          Personally, I wouldn't touch that one advertised with a barge pole. Demo Police vehicles tend to have the hardest of lives!!!


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            They must get ragged within an inch of there lifes.


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              Traffic Police up here are using the 530d's, they seem to do well loaded up with gear, but it's a big old motor to be hustling along twisty roads.

              I think you have to take a chance on what you get when it comes to ex-police, my Vectra came with full set of service stamps, average mileage for the year and checking it over it was used for training or something other than normal Police use.

              I got lucky, as it had been wired for some equipment in the boot, but never had lights, roof bars or other stuff that inflicts damage. Training cars seem to be the ones to get, as they won't have been abused chasing criminals