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  • F1

    This guy could inject some life into it. Here's hoping

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    that would be good to see!
    Member seeng summit bout the late Colin mcrae and he was **** hot on a motorcycle Good how they can adapt to sumthing diffrent!


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      theres lots of drivers that could do a great job paul diresta (DTM) used to kick sebastian vettel *** when they was in single seaters be good to see them battle! also francitti is an awsome driver


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        Rossi can turn his hand to anything, hes had a few good WRC placings over the years driving out of date machinery! That was a 2008 ferrari and his best time would of put him 18th on the grid in 2008 on day 2 of driving it, hes not driven an F1 car for more than a year!

        Just what you would you expect from the greatest motorcycle racer of all time

        Its funny how nearly all bike racers can jump in race cars and be fast but very few racing drivers F1, touring cars, even Tiff Needle are any use on a bike at all. Mcrae could make a bike move fast and he was also good friends with Rossi, I cant see Rossi driving in F1 anytime soon though, he will be on 2 wheels for as long as he can be