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Just my luck

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  • Just my luck

    Just come down the A50 from stoke and hit a backbox at 70mph so thats the front bumper ,passenger side wheel and tyre and side skirt all knacked,i have no luk at all last month i kill my sti and now my vectra looks pretty sick now

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    Gutted for ya mate, it's shocking the **** you see laying on the roads these days.
    if summit fell of my car i would be stoping to try n get it off the road.
    A back box would have made a bit of noise wen getting riped of the rubbers and prob damaging there rear bumper in the process so not like they wouldnt have heard it!


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      Thats bad news, just hope the car gets sorted asap for you now.
      Lucky it didnt damage the bottom of the engine as well.
      sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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        Gutted for ya mate. Was thinkin along the same lines as Sean, lucky
        it didny split your sump or summat.


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          Gutted mate.......dunno if you can claim from Highways?


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            Well its back on the road again new tyre and tracking done ,luckly no damage to the surspention so just got to sort the cosmetics out now ,could have been a lot worse