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  • loss of power

    Hi for chrimbo i av had a sport middle section pipe and a peco 5x3 back box!I av been told if i put them on i will lose power is this true

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    Ive heard of loss of 'back pressure' when fitting larger exhausts to turbo'd cars but it should only improve on N/A running.


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      lack off back pressure is all good for a turbo car not so good on a n/a jsut should see a little increase in power but it won't be a huge amount


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        TBH even if you do ya wont notice,


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          thanks 4 the replies....mines an 1.8 sri so do you think i will lose ne pressure?


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            most recognised makes will be dyno "tuned", in ye olde days, fitting a 4branch manifold was one of the must have tweaks. Different styles eg 4-1 or 4-2-1 gave the engine different characteristics (where it produced its power, low down or high end)

            In a normally aspirated engine, back pressure is required to ensure efficient removal of the hot exhaust gases and to aid mixing of the air/fuel.

            As you're not changing the manifold or cat, the back pressure will hardly be altered as these are the first two "restrictions" in the exhaust system
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              thanks for that scott, i did mean power not pressure tho wil get something rite on here one day lol fingers crossed itl b ok when its dun like thanks agen