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Total Vauxhall ---- Do you agree.

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  • Total Vauxhall ---- Do you agree.

    This is my view of the Total Vauxhall magazine which finally dropped through my letter box this morning albeit three days late.

    Not taking anything away from the previous editor (Barton) who was the top gun and had his own idea's which way the mag should go, it appears to me that since Dougie took over the reigns a few months ago there surely has been a big improvement in all area's without exception.

    The whole format is ultra professional and coupled with the photography makes it very slick and desireable to read ----- talking about Reid, i can't wait to see Dave in full flow as the months go by.

    Do you agree with me or do you see it in a different light than me --- discuss.

    ps --- if anyone from PV is reading this piece of PR my subscription is due for renewal in February.

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    Certainly no complaints so far


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      not just saying this cos im in it but its a brilliant issue this month!


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        got 2 say good last few issues,getting some of the old classics bck n there aswell good stuff.


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          Got to agree with you 100% Leo, mag is getting better each issue, starting to feature more original or sensibly Modified cars now.
          Liking the buying guides as well
          sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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            Agree with all of the above. Even i read it from
            cover to cover, except pages 144 - 145.
            Now I know you (males) won't agree, but is that
            really necessary I know they pay to be there BUT!!!!!


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              yup i agree with the previous quotes, great reading every month!

              also agree with lousie bout the certain pages in the mag is there really any need for it to be there- am sure TV must have a say in who advertises in the mag?

              sorry to get off topic there Leo


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                Top work chaps! Total Agreement Leo!