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  • forge fitting

    fitted my forge cooler the day so thought a would post some pics
    any way big thanx to ian haxton the mechanic for his time tools and experience plus he only charged £50 took abt 3 and a half hours to fit and the temp was -3.5 degrees outside when we did it lol

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    putting the pics up didnt work out like a planed lol
    fixed it lol
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      Lookin good that, did you feel any difference or you going to get mapped too


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        cheers thumper yeah you do feel a bit o diffrence throttle more responsive and yeah will prob get it mapped later next year
        next on list silicone hoses lol


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          Nice . New intercooler is next on the list for the GSi in 2010.
          Take it the original intercooler sits behind the aircon radiator on the Astra H, looks pretty much the same set up as the 1.9CDTi Astra uses with the 3 radiators all together.
          Should run a lot better now with the intercooler gettin a direct cold air feed instead of going through the others now
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            yeah the orginal was between the air con and raidiator was reallly easy to fit and the mechanic was really impressed with how well it went togther and how hassel free it was