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  • IAM any good?

    Im looking into doing a course with the Institute of Advanced Motorists, apart from lower insurance premiums what else do you get out of it? Has anyone actually done the course? What was your experience like?

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    Both me n Rab've done it. It was excellent from the driving
    point of view, but i've just given up my membership cos they
    put the annual membership up to £38 from £17. No way is
    it worth that. This year i did get cheaper insurance for the
    1st time in 10yrs, all I had to do was send a copy of my
    certificate as proof of passing and i'll be able to do that
    again without being a member.

    I would say yes do it and get your pass but after that there's
    little benefit (for me anyways)


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      I'm sure Mark Thomas has done this too.


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        Does it make you a better driver though?? Like most tests, the training teaches you how to pass. They started giving some of our guys the IAM course at work (this was dependant on your driving history within the company and how "badly" you answered some hazard perception questions).

        They stopped as it was not cost effective (surprise surprise!).

        A friend who has also done the IAM course used to be one of the scariest drivers I ever had the misfortune to sit beside. To him I reckon he thought "advanced" also meant "immortal". He wrote off a fair few cavvy mk2 sris in quick succession.


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          I done it on my bike, Proberly most helpful in techinque, but then not much really, i am still ama member but not sure for how much longer


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            Starting to think its not worth it then?


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              Originally posted by Supercharger View Post
              I'm sure Mark Thomas has done this too.
              I think Mark might be an instructor? He has differently done it. Not sure if Mark comes on here? I know he can be found on VXR online.