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A&M conversions rolling road day

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  • A&M conversions rolling road day

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    rigger got the best power ouput for the v6's!

    shauny got a very nice 219bhp in standerd form with a miltek!


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      So, what was the power readings then? So a few 2.6s with cones on them....what did they make??


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        180-193 bhps with cones


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          What did Rigger get out of the old bus?

          And who did the Veccy B with the turbo conversion? What management is it running to work under boost?


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            be interested in what the BM's made too


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              some nice vecys there! could you put a list of runs up would be interesting to see! what did neils 3ltr get?


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                Rigger got a top 230 BHP from his 3.0 V6 Vectra which was the most powerfull Vectra there, the other 3.0 V6 made 210bhp.
                The Vectra with the Zlet made 269bhp but was down on Boost as the car was supposed to make over 350 due to the internal modifications, hybrid exhaust manifold & Turbo.

                As Carlo said most of the Vecs with cones seemed to be down on power as a V6 SRi 2.6 made a heathy 193 bhp & was standard according to the owner & had the standard factory airbox.
                A lot of the GSi's there which were high milage seemed to make around 175-190 bhp

                The Corsa Sport 1.6 made 113bhp & only mod was an exhaust.

                The BMWs made between 180-195 bhp. The Jap thing whatever it was made 185 bhp & had quite a few mods to its Vtec engine.

                My Astra GSi made 219bhp on both runs with a full Milltek but still running a factory airfilter.
                The other Astra Turbo made 209 on its first run & 198 on its second, running a standard exhaust but a few mods inc powerpipe.

                Great Day & a big thanks to Antonio
                sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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                  well said shaun .

                  that silver vec with the zlet was running omex ecu.... it was down to the poor quality map it made that power, that spec engine has got 400bhp potential