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  • Dozy little ************************

    Well at least i know the brakes work on the Vectra, good job they did or a stupid little scooter rider would have been in heaven.

    Was driving down our estate when a sreaming banshee came flying out of a side road right in front of me --- the stupid sod never turned his head to see what was coming, but luckly i saw him.
    Typical approach to driving a scooter -- head down, haunched over the handle bars and no road sense at all.
    As the Vectra ground to a halt i jumped out and grabbed the cocky sod who by this time was ashen grey in colour and it didn't help with the wife shouting at him from the car.
    Giving him a good rollocking he went on his way at a snails pace or at least until he got out of sight.

    That's enough excitment for one day.

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    Well done Leo, bet he didnt expect that.
    How the hell half of them pass their CBT beats me. See them all the time round here, as you said haunched over the handle bars, no bike leathers & most of the time no gloves so if they came off, the damage to themselfs would be nasty.

    Even when i had bikes myself the little scooter scroats would even try to race me (& i was only a 1000cc Triumph)
    sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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      3 words for those types of riders



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        Good on ya for stoppin Leo.
        Not for the little sh!ts sake, but for the damage he
        coulda done to yer motor!


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          Good you had the chance to give the little pillock a shake Leo