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Test drove an astra gtc vxr today

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  • Test drove an astra gtc vxr today

    Well I put down deposit on a 13 plate astra gtc vxr yesterday in uncle arnies, went to test drive it the day and decided against it the clutch seemed to be slipping intermittently, more so in vxr mode, it had damage down leading edge of front drivers door which the salesman was unwilling to remedy and paint peeling off passenger side skirt, interior was fine with full leather etc but just didn't get a great feeling about it so I walked away, bloody quick car and I think I need one just not this one, was quite loud exhaust wise too but I don't think it had a performance one on it is this normal? My search goes on lol

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    Save up some more and go look at a later model if you can -- you can hear the exhaust but should not be excessive and also watch out for damage to front bumper which can cause rust where bumper joins the front wings


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      Yea I noticed how low the front bumper was when salesman reversed off the kerb and scraped it along the bottom another reason not to buy it lol, in no rush Leo mate as you know there's a lot of abused examples out there ?


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        Decided for now to keep my insignia ,gonny bide my time and get the right motor, love the insignia, great big comfy motor that runs perfect and does what I ask of it, looks good too so I'll forgive its lack of ooomph lol ? ?


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          Yeah, your Insignia looks good -- why change if it suits your needs -- see you at one of the Scottish shows this summer


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            Thanks Leo matey it is a great motor tbh so no need to get rid, I'll bide my time