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I do like a challenge.....

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  • I do like a challenge.....

    Ok, where do I start?

    I had originally intended to do a Landrover 110 as a resto project, my bro-in-law had acquired an E reg with a good 300tdi engine and box.....this was all he wanted and I was welcome to the remainder.

    However, as I started stripping it to remove the engine and box it became evident that absolutely NOTHING was salvageable.....and I mean nothing! the chassis had broke its back, bulkheads and cab I ripped the engine and box out (and let me say thats one heavy mutha of an engine/box) on Thursday afternoon and was left with this....

    It got stuck on the trailer and sent to the scrappy in the sky on Friday morning

    So, after searching about and wondering what to do I decided on a little Nova Sr.....couldn't find a Jamaica a black one will do.

    The trip started at 0500 when I picked up Andy_G for the journey doon sooth. A great run down, the M6 was really quiet and we got to Oldbury at 1015.
    I wasn't overly concerned with a testdrive as the car is destined for a nut-n-bolt rebuild, it was sound enough for a 25yr old Nova and has 93k on the clock with dealer history to 75k. So, cash was exchanged and the car loaded up....this is Andys first and last attempt at putting the wheel strap on

    needless to say I re-did it....didn't want to cause any pile-ups on the way back up the M6

    So, all loaded and secured and ready for the trip home...

    The trip back up the M6 was dire, nearly every junction was snarled up and down to a standstill and the trailer was just the correct width to jump in and out the ruts on the inside lane caused by the artics. 7hrs later, the new project arrived home

    and after a quick hose down to get most of the muck off...

    Thats it home in the garage now, need to get a list of parts and panels to restore it to its former glory with a few enhancements along the way. Its not a quick fix by any means (although its tax til Dec and MOTd to next May),I'll need to get the MIG warmed up! I promised myself I'd get one of these again and do it right.....
    Anyway, some stats of the trip
    The transport, hosed down and tucked away....

    The total trip mileage....

    And the consumption.....

    Not too bad for a planet destroying 4x4 and a trailer with a car on the back

    Big thanks to Andy, another roadtrip succesfully done

    May need a bigger garage though

    Comments welcome, as always

    C'mon the old skool
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    that little nove brings memorys back, will great to see her develop into a modern machine
    Had too many in bits to count,,
    Good man rescue her and drive it like you stole it....


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      Stunning garage you've got there Scott! Wow! The car is nice too though, lol!

      That's going to be a great little project. Where abouts is Oldbury? There's an Oldbury near me??


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        Just outside Birmingham off the M5


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          For one horrible moment it crossed my mind that you were gonna build a 300Tdi engined Nova with 4WD, after seeing that monster truck Austin Mini at Selkirk

          So, is it a resto original project or a resto sleeper?


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            Thank god!!!! If we had known a Nova was all it would of took to keep you here we'd of all chipped in for one!!!!!! lol

            Looks a great wee project car, i've a right soft spot for Nova's

            Happy New Car


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              Can't beat a good road trip. Looks a good wee car for a project keep us updated with all the new parts etc.
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                Originally posted by Steve View Post
                So, is it a resto original project or a resto sleeper?
                No plans for a valver if thats what you mean....want to keep the small block, couldnt rule out 40s and a lairy cam though

                Thats a long way off though!


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                  Ha lol a knew u were gonae post that pic. wee had a good trip down and i didnt expect to come back with the car as a know how picky scott can be and have been miles before to see cars that are meant to be mint when they r clearly a shed(persia gsi)but talking to him the car was coming home no matter what.

                  had a joker in a defender on the trip home with two steering wheels lol.


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                    very nice scott that will keep u busy over the winter


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                      Good to see you got it

                      Look forward to seeing it in the metal.


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                        Another Little SR saved, nice to see it wont take much to get it original if thats the plan.
                        Keep us updated with the progress
                        sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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                          Its not the worst, but to get to the way I want wings, new sills, new arches (or full quarters), along with all the other hidden gems I'll no doubt come across!!

                          Its a long termer (for a change), honestly


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                            Nice one Scott, your a project kinda guy!

                            Looks pretty respectable as it is considering its older than my manta!

                            Ill sit back and watch as you more rhan likely overtake me with progress and blow the quality of my project into the weeds


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                              Cool, keep us informed