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  • Hit and run barsteward

    Went round to my daughters this morning after a panic phone call about her car saying it had been damaged overnight.
    Apparently she had left it on the road and not on the drive (don't ask me why) and some berk came driving along and side swiped her motor leaving a mess.
    She has a Beemer CI which was parked on the correct side of the road under a street light, so it was highly visable for all to see --- except the numpty who hit it.
    The offending driver must have been on the wrong side of the road as all the damage to the Beemer was on the o/s and started at the front and travelled back.
    Firstly the o/s front wing was clipped, followed by the o/s mirror which folds up automatically when the car is locked, followed by the o/s door rubbing strip, followed by door being stoved in, followed by gouges covered in red paint (the Beemer is silver) ----- what a mess.
    Got the T cut and G3 out and managed to get the red paint off and minor scratch's but that was the best i could do as the door will need a re-skin.

    This is what we are up against these days, w*nkers who don't give a ***** about other peoples property --- so i am now on the lookout for a red vehicle with silver paint ---- hope i don't see it.

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    That's bad news. Whoever hit obviously doesn't care I know what I woul do if I caught the person.


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      high chance of being a drunk driver early monday morning, theres no justice in this bloody country, bring back the death penalty for a wide range of crimes!!!


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        it makes my Piss fizz when people do that


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          Total Helmets, Hope thet get whats coming to them
          sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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            Makes Ya Spit!! for your sake I hope you don't find them.......not sure if you can get interweb at Her Majesty's pleasure.


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              That's sh!t Leo, hope it's not to expensive a repair