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Car of the Month - November Nominations

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  • Car of the Month - November Nominations

    Congratulations to Supercharger for winning the October Car of the Month

    It's time to start the seach for the Drivers Club - Car of the Month for November
    (Blimey it'll soon be Christmas)

    Nominations will be open until the end of Saturday 17th October.

    There'll then be a poll open for voting until late Saturday 31st.

    Please post two quality pictures of YOUR car you wish to nominate and a brief spec/mod list.

    If you nomimated you car for last months vote, please don't enter your car again this month
    Variety is the spice of life, and all that.

    many thanks Keif & James.
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    Cheers keif! god fine time is so difficult at the mo!


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      Come on peeps it's FREE.
      My Lotus Carlton Car of the Month Aug 2009 - Nova GSi Dec 2010 - Meriva Aug 2013 - Astra 1.8 TwinTop Design Aug 2015
      Vauxhall Drivers Club - Facebook page


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        corsa vxr in shiney black no major mods as yet

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          car of the month

          well guys i will give it a try my vxr8 with cat back wortec black alloys 431 bhp and very loud set on loud setting great through tunnels

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            May see if I can get some pics of my Cally up before saturday. Still looks good for its age!


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              As someone above used three pictures I thought I would

              May I present our Calibra SE9. It's completely standard and staying that way. Amanda and I originally purchased it as a Winter runabout so we could get our Astra mk2 SRi restored but we're both fallen in love with the SE9 so it'll be staying a little longer. It's super smooth 2.5 V6 has bags of torque and just sails along. We've recently taken it up to Scotland for our honeymoon road-trip and it never missed a beat and over took everything in it's way . Amanda said she wanted a Calibra and I wanted a V6 so we got the best of both worlds. I believe there was a total of 308 SE9's sold so these are getting to be a rare sight now. It was a bit of a state when we got it and needed a damn good service so I've gone over it with a fine-tooth-comb and sorted it out properly. For those with a keen eye you might notice that the last three letters of the reg are the same as the private plate on my Veccy ST200, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted the car so it must of been it's destiny to be owned by us. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pics and please vote for it as it's my birthday on Halloween so the Calibra deserves to win and be car of the month.

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                Here we go then, I have, and own number 90 of 100 Astra 888's built, I have supplied Two pictures as requested of my pride and Joy...