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aftermarket or custom exhaust

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  • aftermarket or custom exhaust

    for an astra gte 16v
    which is the best system for performance and sound, which are good n bad,
    and are custom built ones any good.

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    Custom built really depends on whether the firm doing it know what they're doing and have experience with your car. I tend to go on the basis of whether the company you go to can produce tubular manifolds and cat downpipes for turbo cars. If they can, they usually have enough skill to make a decent system.

    The Powerblow specials, where they hack on a back box and a bit of pipe to the back of a catalyst are usually well worth avoiding

    It's been a few years since I played with the older cars, but Janspeed were the ones we always seemed to find the power with, especially if you plumped for the tubular 4 branch manifold. Thing is, they were mild steel, and for the money they ask, you can usually get a decent stainless system these days


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      Scorpion exhausts are good if you are after that 'Touring car' Rasp