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Scrappage scheme extended

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  • Scrappage scheme extended

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    Tw##s that's more classic cars going to the crusher
    Trying to save another Mk1 if Sean will pull his finger out


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      Tried & failed dicko as auxhall gave the owner £2000 of his new Corsa, so unless you want to pay £2k for it, then your buggered

      They had a 25.000 mile Vectra CDX in last week on a 1998 S plate in mint condition & that went the same way (minus a lot of parts that got divereted to the boot of my veccy lol)
      sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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        this what gets me, you exchange a car for a new one, say you buy a medium sized insignia, you get £2,000 for your part ex, but then you end up paying higher car tax for a newer model.

        OK this scheme benefits the motor industry, but i feel there should be some restriction in scrapping classic car's or decent one's. this scheme still does not help poorer people, who still can't afford a new car even with the £2,000


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          Couldn't agree more. What this scheme also promotes is finance agreements too.

          Is it not logical to say that the owners of the "scrappage" qualifying cars would have purchased a newer car if they could afford it? To take the lowest example; a car worth £6k.....minus the scrappage allowance of £2k still gives a deficit of £4000. If people had that amount of disposable income that was earmarked for a car, than surely they would have upgraded to a perfectly serviceable used (preowned for the dealer term) car.
          So to my mind its a quite clever marketing ploy. Most of the dealers could absorb a loss between £500 to £1000 on a forecourt price......thats the average discount for "no trade in" that I have experienced. For the government to now stump up this leeway in the guise of an environmental policy is genius.

          Prospective purchasers are offered an unreal price for their "scrap", but does the £2k absorb interest and finance costs where their old car only cost them running costs.

          The biggest loss is the heritage of the models. "S" reg cars which can be in just a s good condition as some 2-3 yr old cars are being scrapped willy-nilly. A 2.0 or 2.5 Vec SRi will become a rarity, let alone the mk1s, 2s and 3s that go to the crushers

          The finance companies win.The dealers win (a hollow victory...not a true reflection on the market IMO). The government wins....because of the above.

          We (the enthusiast and older car afficianados) lose.


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            I can fully understand if the owner has a right dog of a car & ive seen some right sheds going in for scrap but ive also seen some perfect examples that are far too good to end up like this

            The Vectra CDX that went last week was a perfect example of this madness. 1998 with only 25k on the clock. Only rust was on the drivers door & that was it. Interior was mint with the Glove mounted CD player (gone now ), original floor mats & full service history. The 2.0-16v sounded so sweet & the engine bay was mint as well. Spare unused.
            It came in last Monday & was gone for Scrap on the Thursday

            Ive seen a few Tigra A's, Astra Mk3's, Cavalier Mk3 & a lot of Vectra b's, most which would make someone a good car, although most are Merit, LS & GLS spec. Only SRi ive seen was saved by me weeks before the scheme started or that too would be a metal cube now.
            Dealership in Birkenhead had a Vectra ST that came in & that went too
            sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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              I agree with what has been said and I disagree with the scheme, even though I was going to take advange of it myself. Personally I think the 'scrap' cars, if good enough could go to auction. The motor industry could get something back on the original cost. They may even brake even, if someone buys a 'scrap' car for a grand at the auction. At the same time giving us the chance to save something rare.


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                Aye, there should be an option for the car to be salvaged.....can they not use a ringer or something, must be few 5hitters in impound yards that could take the place of the good stuff


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                  Save the world

                  Is not the case that the scrappage scheme is supposed to help save the world from greenhouse gasses and the disposal of old polluting cars is the way forward.

                  Right i'll get mi coat


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                    Green house gasses, not just cars, or does that include diesel powered busses, trains?

                    The six substances that do the
                    most harm to the ozone layer
                    are listed below, along with
                    their uses:
                    • freons or CFCs
                    — aerosols
                    — refrigerators
                    — air-conditioning
                    — plastic foam
                    — solvents, detergents
                    • HCFCs
                    — temporary replacement
                    for CFCs, less harmful
                    to the ozone layer
                    • halons or bromofluorocarbons
                    — fire-extinguishers
                    • carbon tetrachloride
                    — solvent
                    • 1, 1, 1-trichlorethane
                    — solvent
                    • methyl bromide
                    — agricultural pesticides