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Car insurance hike.

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  • Car insurance hike.

    Got my renewal this week and my fully comp has gone up by 20% from the last time.
    Rang up the insurance to find out the reason and was informed that post codes had been reviewed and unisured drivers plus whiplash claims were to blame as well.
    Contacted three other insurance companies by phone for qoutes and none could get near my present company with the cheapest like for like cover still being £140 dearer than my present company is asking.
    Needless to say i will be staying put, so when your insurance is due expect a significant price rise.

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    Doesn really bother me, one advantage of living up at the end of the earth is cheap insurance


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      I have just had my renewal through for my 1.4 16v Corsa so I phoned my broker and told it is a 1.4 and it is costing me more to insure than my v6 vectra!! They told me it is the market rate and my current insurance company will not underwrite the premium for less than £300. Tried Chris Knott, and could not give me a price as they would be competing against the same insurer.

      Thanks to for a rough idea of prices, I went back to my broker and said either you sort something or I am leaving. Funnily enough I now have a premium that is £250 fully comp, with business use and Trudy on it and a £100 excess.


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        Got my Disco insurance through from Admiral, which er indoors insures as she uses it more than me. I've been with them for 15yrs and the Mrs for 9 as they've always been close enough to other quotes. However, this year we did the "gocompare" website and for better cover than Admiral was giving it was £150 cheaper!

        Gave Admiral the chance to match it but couldn't get anywhere near. So a great saving for 10mins on the laptop!


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          hey Guys,

          I am with More Than with the Vxr, living in scotands most high risk post code (so they say) i got a £110 reduction on my policy this month and will get a further 15% off if i say for the next year.

          Its still cheaper than my astra coupe !!!!!!

          Swinton could not insure me on the VXR said my address was to high risk lol

          No explination for that they said it was the best avalible price :-)

          I would give them my thumbs up.


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            Dreadin mine in Nov. i've 2 claims to declare


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              checked mine out, results

              * Your grid position: 7 out of 107 postcodes
              * Your premium: £141.5
              * The national average: £207.66


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                Just had mine, it was an Admiral multi car policy, 3.2 V6 Signum and 2.5 V6 CDX Omega, hardly 'performance' or expensive cars, last year it was around £700 for 2 Omegas (MV6 and CDX), this year they wanted £1179!!!

                Quick check and chat with Chris Knott and its £684.99 for the pair.

                Admiral said the cost had risen as i replaced the 3ltr MV6 with a 3.2 Signum (they wanted £732 for the Signum alone), which i guess is an arguement, BUT they couldn't tell me why the Omega that had no changes has doubled in price!!


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                  Still can't beat current insurer.

                  One last try this morning to beat my current inurer on a like for like basis, with no success i'm afraid.
                  Rang up Rias who specialise in the over fifties and they where still £87 dearer than my renewal, so that's the final search i will be doing.
                  Car insurance has certainly taken a upwards spiral in the last few months, so i suppose it's worth getting a few other quotes for piece of mind.

                  Really looking forward to the road fund licence price rise which is on it's way in the not to distant future, couple that with the insurance/ fuel rises and i will need a massive increase in the state pension just to run a car


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                    Back to this insurnce millarky...

                    Recon I got the bargin of the year.

                    Fully comp
                    No voluntary excess, £200 TP,F &TH
                    Winscreen £90, chips n cracks free
                    Legal cover up to 50K
                    90 days euro cover
                    Unlimited mileage
                    All mods "like for like"
                    Protected no claims
                    All for the grand some of......
                    With Adrian Flux


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                      Ive got the Vectra with Churchill, paying £250 fully comp with 6 years NCB even though i said the car is only worth a grand.

                      My GSi Astra is insured through Zurich Conect. new policy with no no claims bonus & ive got 3 points on my licence (which come off this month).
                      Its a group 15 & they wanted £280 fully comp so was happy with that.
                      Nearest was Churchill again who wanted £340 then after that it was around the £400 mark from others.
                      sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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                        Currently getting quotes on my Vectra B 2.0 DTi (only worth 1-1.3k ?)

                        Confused = £237
                        Tesco Compare = £231
                        HIC = £442 !
                        Ins Factory = £366 (my current insurers)
                        Bell = £357
                        Elephant = £317
                        Adrain Flux = £300

                        These are Fully comp, prot 5 yrs NCB, age 37 & minimal excess possible plus my wife as a named driver.

                        I think insurance recently has gone mad, my old mk2 3.0 v6 Astra was £330 fully comp !!


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                          Been getting quotes for the ST200 (Adrian Flux renewal £490) and the Astra VXR (Admiral renewal £515), both up on last year.

                          Rang around for the ST200 (over 9 years NCB) and managed to get it down to £426 with Lancaster Classic car insurance but decided to stick with AF as they agree the value of the car at £8k. Took off the breakdown cover and the quote came down to £424.

                          Got a quote for the VXR from Aviva, and got that down to £440. Thats with 1 years NCB.

                          Tried to get a multicar policy with AF but they quoted over £900 for the pair, but they were claiming to be hindered by the fact that the ST200 has an agreed value.
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