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Advice on a new car needed.

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  • Advice on a new car needed.

    On the book price of a new Vauxhall, how set in stone is that? Is the book price negotiable and if so what sort of realistic discount could be negotiated? Also, would it vary from different dealerships? Thanks in advance.

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    Dealers have a certain amount to play with and can be willing to bargain a little. Make sure you use a dealership that gives discount to VxDC members. My Dad bought a new Corsa for his Missus a couple of years ago and saved almost £1,500 as he is also a member


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      If you know someone on the Vauxhall Partners scheme, they get between 15-17% discount of a new car.
      Also if you have a GM credit card you get rebate points, normaly 100 points when you first use the car which is £100 discount of a new car & 3 points for every £100 you spend on the card after, normaly upto a max of £2000 discount

      Each dealer should offer some sort of discount plus at the moment, depending on which model your after there are some good offers out there such as 0% APR for 4 years, free insurance on certain models.

      I would imagine with the inpending launch of the new Astra Mk6 there will be some cracking deals on the Mk5 before long.

      Another option is looking at network Q cars on the Vauxhall forecourt as you can get a nearly new vauxhall & save at least 6-7k on the list price, but again this depends on the model especialy the Vectra C which is getting cheap. try to find one of the ex Vauxhall fleet cars as most have quite a few factory options. (ive always speced my company cars with lots of extra's)

      Hope this helps
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        Eden Vauxhall in Exeter are advertising a price blitz organised by the Vauxhall district manager tomorrow.....they have 30 cars to offload at a silly price.......wonder how many are astra 5's


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          Thanks for the replies. The model in question is an Insignia tourer and there is a car avaliable for the scrap age scheme, so unless this can be used on an ex-demo or something (doubt it), then its new. I can understand the mkV Astra and Vectra C getting discounted, but I was just wondering about the Insignia tourer, as its just come out?


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            Club membership should get you some £££'s off mate.......just be a little pushy


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              When I bought my Tigra there were none in the country but
              still managed to get over 3k off the price by batting 2 dealerships
              against each other. One finally gave up and told me where
              to go. So I went to the other


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                The partners scheme worked for me when i got my insignia, List £23,315 I paid £19,457...


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                  Thanks, I don't know anyone for the 'partners' scheme, so I'm stuffed, unless anyone wants a handling fee? I think I will try everything. Drop hints about going to another dealer, club membership, even comparing a Ford. This would be the first time of doing anything like this, so I'm a bit nervous.

                  So to those of you in the know, would it be realist to try and get a £24k list price car down to about £20k or am I in dream land?

                  Also, are optininal extras cheaper to get before ordering or can they bought after the car has been delivered for the same price? I realise that some would need to be added when ordering, but things like mats, mudflaps, etc.

                  What I want to know is why an Insignia Tourer SRi is £24k and yet a Mondeo Estate Ghia or Titanium are £19k? Forget the rivial for the minute and I don't want this to turn into a Ford Vs Vauxhall slanging match, but there suppost to be rivials, but I don't think Vauxhall are helping themselves with a £5k difference. Surely they should be more evenly matched on price when compairing spec/models? I don't know whether to ask that question or not at the dealership, dropping a hint that I might be tempted with a Mondeo. I'm not tempted, so I'm not going anywhere.


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                    Its always worth asking or looking around..

                    Got my 08-plate Astra VXR 5 months old, with extras on it that meant that it had a list price of £23k for £16.5k from a Vxl dealer simply because it was ex-Vxl management vehicle.

                    Got my ST200 11 years ago, when it was 18 mths old for close to 43% off again straight from the Vxl ex-management fleet.

                    Personally, i'd choose that route but you have to decide whats best for you.

                    This one looks interesting..
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                      Thanks Berley, but I'm after a petrol and I have my car to get rid of. I don't want to break it if I can help it, due to no space and I still have parts laying around from a previous car I broke 5 years ago.


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                        you gonna chop the calibra in then?

                        tell me exactly what spec you want for the insignia i.e colour, engine etc and i will see what i can do at work.amazing how far my family tree can stretch


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                          Thanks Barry and Yes, the engine gave way and rebuild will be more than the car is worth. Besides I've fed up with the constant problems, Hence something new.

                          I have a good idea on what I want and I'm off to see a couple of dealers today to see what can come up with. I'll let you know my findings.


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                            I've fed up with the constant problems, Hence something new.
                            And you're buying A Vauxhall
                            I'd wait and get summat with a few miles on the clock


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                              Originally posted by opel_bitch View Post
                              And you're buying A Vauxhall
                              I'd wait and get summat with a few miles on the clock
                              Yes but he's not getting one built by some dodgy french mob!!