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  • insignia vxr

    we had our first one delivered at work today in white.sounded nice when it was started and throttle blipped but i have to say i think its butt ugly.

    i did ask the gm if i could take it for a spin(is going to be his new company car!!) but he said there is quite a cue for that lol

    would be nice to drive one and see what its like but i wouldnt buy one

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    just take the keys when he's not looking a think they look really good in white with the large rims.
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      I like them in white and I would buy one if I had the money.

      It'll be interesting to see what price they are at a year old


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        Yeah, I think the latest 's look quite good in white, & if I was thinking of swopping my car , white is a colour I would think about having


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          they pdi'd it today and it sat in the workshop burbling away.sounded lovely.i will get a drive in it.just have to be patient


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            The Insignia VXR certainly promises to be one of the most exciting Vauxhalls ever . Lets hope it is! Let us know what it's like as soon as you've driven it!


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              From the 2 i saw at the 888 open day, its a lot of car for the money, great specification & superb seats, as Robert says how much value it will loose when its a few years old
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                Still dont like it


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                  Originally posted by Smudge View Post
                  Still dont like it

                  Yes and no would be my answer to that Smudge. At this moment in time i really think they look odd, but that was said when the Vectra B replaced the Cav and again nobody liked the look of the Vectra C when it replaced the B.
                  No doubt the look of the Insignia will grow on you and it will be accepted for what it is -- a high tech well built motor.

                  Robert mentioned the value of a year old example, well i reckon you could nock at least 10 - 15k off the new price ---- bargain.