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South East Opel/VAG show roadtrip to Belgium (part 2)

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  • South East Opel/VAG show roadtrip to Belgium (part 2)

    Sunday morning and a nice big breakfast to set us up for the day, we found our way back onto the motorway with hazy sunshine and a little cloud, but all in all looking a good day. The show was “supposed” to start at around 10:00 but the Belgians are pretty laid back about this and not a lot happened before 11:30. Entrance for show cars is 10 eur (that's per car, not per person) and free for the public.

    The show is held at an industrial park in Ninove, with the Delhaize (big Belgian food retailer) car park being the main area. When we arrived they were still setting up, which included making sure that access to the car park was safe for the lowered, no, make that slammed cars, that would be attending. Various pieces of hardboard were placed on the road and gulleys, jumped on, and also screwed into the road and then checked again.

    Organisation is good, and because space is limited, all cars on display are arranged by the event crew, you don't get to choose the angle or where you park. There are also prizes for best car at show and in class. Trade stands are limited, but this show is more about the cars. A single source of music from the VW disco van with DJ, using a decent PA system for the volume, where you could still hear yourself think.

    A wide variety of cars ranging from new to old, and across the various models. Lots of lowered cars, adjustable hydraulics, lots of bling BBS wheels, quite a few stretch rims also. Some very nice interior/exterior re-trims even down to the wing mirrors being covered with leather. Some unusual colours on display, and some airbrushing and pinstripes. Suicide and Lambo doors, the suicide doors being on the front of the car, not the rear.

    AOC had a good turn out as they have made the trip for a few years now, the UK cars attract a lot of attention because of the engine mods, and the distance travelled. We also saw Steve Crook (LMF) who had travelled down with AOC. We did spot a couple of Belgian cars which have been to Billing.

    All in all a good show, with a totally different atmosphere to PV and Trax. Cars were left open, cleaning materials left out with the owner no where to be seen and you could tell things wouldn't get stolen.

    We left at about 15:00 to make our way back to Calais with time to do some shopping and get some food. This ended up with a side trip to Sangatte and into central Calais looking for a restaurant, only to find they didn't start serving food until 18:00 and we were due on the 19:20 train. So the final meal was at the terminal.

    Still to come... Roundup of distance and cost, and last but not least the pictures.

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    Sounded like a top event.........bring on the pics


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      C'mon Tru get yer finger oot! Wheres the pics!!!!


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        What the other two said


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          Here is a link to a Belgian photographer who took approx. 800 pics on the day


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            some great cars in the pics there Chris


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              OK - in terms of mileage for me from Croydon, Sth London this trip worked out to be:

              Around 70 miles to Folkstone Eurotunnel incl detour to pick up Chris & Trudy
              Around 120 miles from Calais to the show (95 miles to hotel in Ghent, 25 miles to show)

              With the return, in total it worked out to be 380 miles.

              Given that i used the wife's 3.0ltr Audi auto, I used just over one tank full of fuel and with a lighter right foot, could probably have just about done the journey from home to there and back in one tank full. However that would have been boring, so i didn't. The ST200 would easiely have done that with one tank full even at the speed we travelled at. Virtually 90% of the journey was on motorways.

              The tunnel cost £29 to go across mid-day on Saturday, £39 return Sunday evening. It is possible to get this cheaper with advance bookings and varying journey times.

              Hotel, in Ghent was around €78 per night inc. breakfast (Chris will confirm), plus €8.50 overnight parking, plus €2.50 city tax.

              We avoided any extra mileage / costs by jumping on the tram at €2.40 each to reach the city centre and visit the sights and enjoy a meal and few beers. Cost of meals and beers will vary according to your appetite and alcoholism.
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