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South East road trip to Opel/VAG show in Belgium (part 1)

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  • South East road trip to Opel/VAG show in Belgium (part 1)

    As some of you may or may not know, a few of us in the SE region decided to check out the Opel/VAG show this weekend.

    By Friday, the Channel Tunnel was booked, hotel in Ghent booked and food and drink purchased.

    Berley picked Chris and I up at about 11:30 in the Audi, headed out on the Tunnel at 13:20 with lunch on the way. By 14:50 local time we were out of Calais on the A16/E40 heading for Belgium with about an hour to get to the hotel. Clear run, and good cruising speeds for most of the way.

    We are staying at the Holiday Inn Expo in Ghent (right next to Ikea). After freshening up, we decided that the challenge for the evening was to take the tram into Ghent, this then turned into finding the tram first. Costs were 1.20 eur per journey or 5 eur for the day. After exploring for a while, dinner was required, this was the second challenge...

    We found a nice looking restaurant, and luckily our waitress had very good english, as the menu... well... This worried us, managed to sort out the mains without too much bother, but the puddings???

    Coupe Vanille
    Banana Splt (the easy one)
    Pannek choco & slagroom (eek!)

    Explored the city a bit more as the city is having a late heatwave (26C when we arrived), pictures to follow once we're back. Then found the tram back to the hotel, a few more beers, then time to chill out and sleep before setting out tomorrow for the show and the return journey home.

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    hope you are enjoying the show, bring back some idea's


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      Was a good show. Loads of really good cars that clearly belonged to some enthusiasts. Plus everyone was well behaved - no one charging up with their engines revved up to the max, just one source of loud music, organisors ensured that all kerbs, speed humps were smoothed over with planks to ensure no one lost their front spoilers

      AOC had around 15 cars there, plus a couple from another UK forum. Think that next year VxDC needs to go and join in.

      Tru will submit a full report with pics.
      Aka Forever Smitten, MSD0025
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        Look forward to the pics!


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          Part 2 of the road trip is here