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  • refurb

    was just wondering were is the best place to get ur wheels refurbed?

    was thinking of getting mine done!!!!

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    This is down to a matter of Choice really.
    Everyone will have a prefered place where he or she have had wheels refurbished.
    Im getting all 4 on my Astra done in the next few months & have been recomended 3 which are local to me.(ive seen the results & all are excellent quality)
    i suppose it comes down to the price you want to pay for the quality of work

    Im sure someone will point you in the right direction to one in your area
    sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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      Best PM ot text Shaggy John. Big Allan Walters had a place that did great refurb/powdercoating.....can't remember the name though!


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        Try Wheel Services in Plains Airdrie, they repaired and refurbed my Vectra GSi wheels and the Azev's that i had on it.

        Top job painted not powdercoated

        Also know of a mobile place that come to your door saw some of there work at the show at Dewers centre was quite impressive the way the van was all kitted out, They are based in the Stirling area.

        would need to look for there card but text 'Wheels' to 60066 for more info


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          We (Menzies/Alan Walters) send them to Pristine down south if their
          polished. If painted we do them ourselves.


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            I second the comment about Pristine Wheels, they've done two sets for our cars and they always come back in a better condition than they left the factory, with the inside of the wheels as shiny and bright as the faces.

            They're not as cheap as some places, but they do a very good finish and you get options like wet paint instead of powder coat (my Astra wheels were done this way, the sparkle is better than factory finish) and you can also have them diamond cut or custom colours. They even send out photos if they have to do a major repair like welding the rim to build it back up (no filler, like some places do for kerb damaged wheels)


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              Yogi got a his wheels and a couple of other bits done at dubblaster think they r up your way and done a cracking job of them managed to match the wheels to his centre caps.


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                Just reading back Louise's post, DON'T get the wheels painted at a bodyshop if they are gonna lacquer them over silver base. Lacquer just doesn't last on wheels.

                I had a set of Anteras on my old car, a trusted bodyshop did them for me with a mica silver base coat (which comes up matt) and then shot a 2K pearl gold over the top, with three coats of clearcoat to seal them. The look was amazing, almost white silver finish in direct sunlight, but flipped to a deep gold in artificial light. However, the lacquer lifted after a few chips got in at the edge of the wheels and I think the way 2K goes rock hard, it tends to craze back if you thump a kerp or speed bump, even if no contact occurs.

                The Pristine wet finishes are painted in one shot, they don't use a lacquer coat, so make sure if you want a wet coat, rather than powder coats (which usually are duller), that its a one coat application


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                  John, can't say i've noticed a single mark on your wheels, they
                  look cracking. Do they need done?


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                    esp glasgow alan uses for powder coating


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                      Thats the one. ESP! They did all the coating on Allans Nova....good work.


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                        aye theres a couple of marks on the spokes and the rim

                        any1 been 2 jp-coatech in carnoustie