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  • Irmscher prices

    Have you seen the price of irmscher stuff these days? The current price for a Vec B grille is £ absolute bargain compared to the facelift GSI bumper at a whopping £824!! Thats irmscher UK prices.

    For £12 more you can get a whole Vec GSi.....cheaper than buying the bits to make one

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    Saw the prices on the irmscher site

    As you say Scott you could get a whole GSi for a bit more than the front bumper (or a complete SRi Vectra for £400 lol)

    Dont know how they justify some of the prices
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      It's very annoying to see the prices Irmscher charge for grilles etc on older models, when you consider that "copy" Irmscher stuff goes for pennies now. You can pick up a copy Irmscher Astra G grille for £15, then pay £25 for the silhouette badge and holder to make it look the real deal, just because it has to come from Irmscher themselves.

      I realise that you have to pay for a "brand", but when the cars get older you'd think the pricing would be adjusted accordingly, surely a load of older Griffins sporting Irmscher kit would do better for the Irmscher brand image than a field full of cars sporting a mish mash of cheaper kit at car shows up and down the country (or even running up and down the road, many people with older cars like to personalise their cars, but steer away from both Irmscher and Steinmetz simply down to price). For me, I prefer Irmscher for my cars because it has a look that does suit without looking cheap or OTT, but you have to think twice when paying silly money for something that is basically a plastic add-on. Ever so glad I found the Irmy grille for my Vectra in the scrapyard for £15

      Even the door pins and tax disc holders are silly money, in spite of the fact that you can get them from Richbrook (the manufacturer for Irmscher) at half the price because they haven't got the little I on them


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        I thought that when we kitted Helen's preverse Vectra.
        To sort mine out with all the goodies has cost me the price of the rear spoiler and a disclosed amount to leo for the grille. The spilter was paid for by Helen, when it was on her car. When she wrote it off at xmas it was chucked in the hedge by the recovery company, where i fished it out from! and was repairedwith some fibreglass and filler! The VXR rear bumper insert was origanly on Matt Smiths black Vectra which was very lightly bumped at the rear and he had a new bumper fitted via the thrid partys insurance, so I had the bumper for Helens once again, which she then damaged within 5 minutes of being fitted!!!! so was thrown around the side of the house as a spare! then I thought i'd have it so I striped the bumper and used the fluted insert which looks quite cool in charcoal black, ive still need to go upto preston to pick up the right hand side exhaust pipe, which the previous owner had bought but never got round to fitting, and he also has some other bits which he says i can have, so it's now kitted out for less than £400 of our british pounds, but the bug has got me and i'll be going over to steve at LMF in the not to distance future, for some Irmscher door pins, HID's, and what ever takes my fancy at the time! so it was that expensive to do