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  • Insurance Rant

    Put my personal Reg plate on the Astra GSi today.
    Its been on my dads Corsa the last year since i sold the Sporthatch, so rings up the insurance companys to let them know as you do

    Astra's with Zurich. Speaks to the guy on the phone & gives him the new reg, no problem, new documents will be in the post today, Friendy helpfull guy, Sorted so thats one car done

    Rings Vauxhall insurance who ive got Dads Corsa insured with (as at the time i got a good deal & a big discount being an employee). Once again tells woman on phone that im changing the Registration number back to the cars original one, effective today.
    'There will be a charge of £25 for this, how would you like to pay'

    Excuse me , 25 quid for two new bits of paper & a moment of your time to amend the policy as we speak, i dont think so.

    'Well its in the booklet' shes tells me. 'Well you didnt charge me when i changed it last year so i wont be paying you' i told her.

    Anyway after asking to speak to her Manager i then get told 'we will waive the charge this time'. When the Corsa insurance is up i wont be going back to Vauxhalls own insurance again

    So if your insurance company try to charge you, answer is have a riot down the phone & 9 times out of 10 you wont have to pay.
    No wonder they make so much bloody money
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    Easy money aint it

    Need to change my job, anyone need a quote


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      Taking the urine aint they!! I normally have a sense of humour failure about that sort of thing and it nearly always gets you out of paying it. Shows that they are prety much juts taking the money for nothing from the people that pay it


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        When I got my renewal last month after the accident it had gone up from £280 to £393. So I called them and told them they must be having a laugh and I would take my business eslewhere and HEY PRESTO a minute later it had come down to £321 and they wouln't charge the £25 *renewal fee* WTF is a *renewal fee*?


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          Insurance companies take the p1ss. I realised last week that, in spite of emailing them through their website etc last year (as their phonelines were never connected to the right department and they wanted a written confirmation), that we were still paying home insurance for the old flat.

          Phoned them up, got through this time and they said I could cancel over the phone. £57 admin fee

          You f*cking what?? The insurance for a year was only £70 odd, total stitch up off the mainstream firms. I got no charge for adding a driver with one firm, admin fee off another. Only firm I've ever had good service off is Adrian Flux, can't fault them since taking the plunge and getting them to cover my car


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            All our cars are with Flux, been with them for years.
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              Aye, you got to watch the burgers or they will fleece you rotten, mines due for renewal in October and will have to see what they are trying to get away with.