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  • Astra Homecoming

    Got this of the mk1 astra owners club web site
    some of you might like to go

    I'm organising an Astra meet at Ellesmere Port for every Astra made EVER!

    My facebook link so far:

    Proper website coming soon

    There will also be the launch of the new Mk6 model there on display.
    Vauxhall have kindly agreed to help out with this.
    Proceeds made form this event will be going to a local charity as it will be a one-off event ( unless they want to give me a promotional job )

    The car displays will be in "Marks", with information boards of how many were made and any other info about that particular model/spec of mark Astra.

    When: Sunday 27th September

    Where: Ellesmere Port Vauxhall Factory

    Time: 9am-4pm

    Cost: Don't know yet but aiming for £5 (per car) for displaying cars, free for visitors not dispalying.

    Any thoughts/ contacts who may want to be part of it?

    The website/forum is at:

    And the payment page is at:

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    Has the Cheshire region got a stand at this?


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      No, because we had arranged a Rolling Road day at A&M conversions on the 27th of September (same date) & only found out about this a few weeks ago as no one knew for sure if it was going to happen. Cant change our date now as we have a few cars from other clubs attending.

      Would have been nice to know about this before we had picked the date
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        Chris has worked his **** off to make this happen, should be a good day


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          looking forward to this ,taking the mk1
          spoke to chris at billing, deserves a good turn out for all the effort put in to make this happen


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            Yes Chris has worked his nuts off to get this planed sins February
            Should be a grate day what with all the traders there too


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              Thought id best let everyone know this has now been cancelled,
              Got this of the Zlet forum today. Bloody shame as all the work that had gone into it, still theres always next year & might be an open day again.
              In Reality Vauxhall have been told not to spend any money, hence they were unable to commit plus the New Astra Mk6 is not supposed to be launched to the public untill late October anyway which could be another reason.

              Dear All

              The Astra Homecoming show has had to be canceled due to economic forces beyond our control, and requiring a minimum quantity of vehicles to cover all mandatory expenditure to hold the event.

              Unfortunately we have not had the numbers required to hold the event. The mandatory expenditure has been necessary as GM Vauxhall have not been able to commit to this event in other than name. Therefore there is no alternative but to cancel the event.

              I would like to thank everyone who has pre-booked the advance tickets for their support, and will be in contact with everyone shortly regarding a refund for the advanced tickets.

              The decision to cancel has been a hard one to make and not been taken lightly. I have been working on this project for almost a year and have found it very difficult to get any assistance from GM regarding their latest product. Promotion which would have been a different approach, compared to any other vehicle manufacturer having as much history in one location.

              I would like to thank everyone on all the owners club forums for their support and for the staff/members at the Astra Owners club for their hard work and support behind the scenes.

              Kind regards,
              Chris Harden
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              sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions