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The saga continues STILL!!!

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  • The saga continues STILL!!!

    Had a call from the bodyshop who are going to repair my car today......They now can't get the door until November at the earliest Their saying this is what Vauxhall have told them, because of the low demand for coupe doors it's got to be made and the factory won't make just one on it's own, So they wait until they have a order big enough to justify making some.

    And I also have to get it MOT'd by Saturday, but with protruding bodywork, I hope it passes, if not I'll be walking until it's fixed

    Can one of you chaps who work for Vauxhall parts tell me whether this is correct about the parts taking so long or am I being told a load of b0ll0cks

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    How badly is the door damaged? does it have to be a vauxhall one? I certainly wouldnt be waiting for that, surely you can get a pattern skin or a door from a breakers?
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      Originally posted by Bendy View Post
      How badly is the door damaged? does it have to be a vauxhall one? I certainly wouldnt be waiting for that, susrely you can et a pattern skin or a door from a breakers!

      It's being paid for by the insurance company, so it has to be a new Vauxhall one. And the door is u/s had to be forced open after the crash


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        Screw that, when my calibra got minced the bodyshop priced for vauxhall parts then we got second hand bumper and all the parts it needed and i pocketed the change! I would have one from a breakers quick sharp if i was you!


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          I think Vauxhall are talking a load of tosh on this.
          The car ended production on the convertible (which has the same door) in early 2006). The factory then would have made a supply of body parts which go to Opel & Vauxhall P&A (parts & accessories) which would have been made untill late 2006 or early 2007 at the most. Ive never heard of the factory making new stock for an old model & the Coupe & Convertible were built in Bertonne in Italy with a lot of the parts ie doors & bodysides shipped from the likes of Antwerp in Belgium or Bochum as Bertonne does not have a big press shop to make these.

          The current Astra only has 13 days left of production at Ellesmere port & we have sent loads of bodyparts to P&A & have now stopped pressing any parts for the Astra H & are now producing Astra Mk6 panels.
          I cant belive the cant get a door for you, ask them to do a nationwide dealership search

          part numbers are... LH door complete 93172119, RH door complete 93172120.

          RH door skin, 09193207, LH door Skin 09193206

          hope this helps
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            what side door you after mate


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              Sean, Thats what there telling me, so should I tell them that Vauxhall are talking rubbish?


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                like i said to you in other thread andy phone motorbodies at luton.

                they were showing stock of these as we had to get one for a local body shop.



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                  Yep Andy, i would, IMO their fobbing you off.
                  More than likley Opel would have supplied complete doors from its Antwerp or Bochum Factory to Bertone for the Coupe & Convertible.
                  We get complete tailgates, Bonnets & roof panels sent to Ellesmere Port from Opel for the Astra H as we dont press them.
                  Ellesmere send complete Astra H bodysides & Doors to Opel so you can see where im coming from here.
                  The Factory has to make a good supply of spare parts when the model is near the end of its production or just after, but never a few years later.

                  Try the dealer seach & im sure someone will have one. Let us know how you get on
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                    So 10 days maximum for a door on a back order then Barry?


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                      Originally posted by big_ben View Post
                      what side door you after mate

                      Drivers door


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                        if its a non-stock part we quote 7-10 days as it has to come from germany normally but we struggled with the convertible door and they kept changing the due date.

                        thats why we got one from motorbodies in the end.customer just couldnt wait for vauxhall to pull its finger out of its ******!!