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Vauxhall Drivers Club Membership Renewal

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  • Vauxhall Drivers Club Membership Renewal

    Hi Folks

    I really didn't want to get to this point but i've been left with no option. I sent my Vauxhall Drivers Club renewal form and cheque off at the very begining of June. The cheque was cashed a few days later and now nearly the begining of August i have no new membership card or anything. I have called the office and Nick Reeds number several times and left half a dozen voice mail messages and had absolutly nothing back. I have also sent an email through this website and nothing! To say i am disappointed is an understatement, i have now missed out on almost 3 months of membership discount because i have no proof. My membership has been renewed as i have webiste access and my money has been taken but i have no card! My boyfriend who is also a member who's renewal is not due has even recieved a new branded card, badge and keyring!

    If anyone can offer me a solution to get in touch with the organisers of the club i would be very greatful. I feel i have been very patient, but that is now running out!


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    Ahh it gets even more interesting! My status is Freerider! Hmm


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      Sarah sorry to hear this, please give Nick another call he has had problems with his answering machine leaving blank messages, this has now been sorted....

      let us know how you get on


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        Sarahs been calling for several weeks, and has left several messages on his mobile number too. Neither phone, nor mobile, or email through the forum has been answered or replyed to. If Nicks to busy, can someone please give us an alternative contact to get this sorted.

        My main concern is the validity of her car insurance company who awarded a premium based on being a club member.


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          Fair enough , i see you are also down as a free rider


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            Now this has been brought to light I'm sure Moderators will also contact Admin to ask them to look into it.......

            Hopefully be sorted soon


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              I left a message with nick yesterday still waiting for a reply aswell,


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                Originally posted by James Chambers View Post
                I left a message with nick yesterday still waiting for a reply aswell,
                surprise surprise


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                  Haven't received new membership card yet either!!

                  Excited to hear there's a keyring tho!!!


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                    me still awaiting, i had nothing sent out.

                    also Trax, paid! no tickets yet, i know tickets arrive to the organiser 2 weeks before the show date.any update please


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                      I received the TRAX tickets and passes today, so they'll be sent out to everyone by the weekend.

                      I'm surprised at Sarah's post that started this thread as I replied to her at the beginning of the week explaining what the problem was and how I had resolved it - I can only assume she hasn't read her e-mails yet so I'll resend it just in case.

                      Can I take this opportunity to remind people of a few things please?

                      1) All outstanding membership packs that weren't collected at Billing were sent out by the end of July before I went on holiday. Inevitably some do get lost when batches of 50 - 100 are taken to the post office and as always, we're happy to send out replacements when this happens.

                      2) If you're waiting for a membership pack and haven't received it, please check that your current address is entered in your User CP. There are still quite a few members who have not done this - one even e-mails me periodically (you know who you are) complaining that he has not received his pack yet but we have no contact details for him at all - despite several requests. I've even tried to track him down via Paypal - but to no avail.

                      3) When phoning Club HQ, please use the number 01303 891781. It would appear that some people are still using our old 0870 number which has been cancelled and although the mailbox facility has my answerphone message on it, it cannot be accessed. I have asked the phone company (Opus)to put a simple 'number changed' message on it but as we have moved our phone lines back to BT with a good old fashioned answer machine, Opus don't seem to be in that much of a hurry to do this.

                      4) Similarly, the e-mail address [email protected] is no longer active - please use [email protected] to ensure we receive your e-mail as that delivers direct to my laptop.

                      5) I have now invited calls to my mobile number 07976 736778 for urgent messages if I'm not in Club HQ. Up until this week, this number was previously used just for show purposes as it's just a pay-as-you-go phone but it appears many people have it as it used to be my main phone number several years ago. I've therefore topped up the credit so it can be used as a secondary contact for me and if I can't answer it, a message can be left.

                      6) If you do leave me a message and want me to call you back, please say so and leave me your number! Some people leave a message saying that they'll call me back later (I assume when they're available) so I don't call them only to be latter chastised for not doing so! Because of my shift pattern I can sometimes have 8 or 9 messages waiting for me on my phone so please bear with me.

                      We always knew there would be teething problems with changing the club name/structure and we've done our best to alleviate these as much as possible. I'm confident the ones we didn't foresee have now been sorted. Thanks to you all for bearing with us.


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                        Good stuff, thanx Nick

                        I haven't received my new membership pack but because my brother was getting married I didn't get to Billing so I am going to blame him totally!!!!
                        Have to say that since I started working in an office......(does everyone know i have a new job???????????LOL)....i can totally understand your problems with the mail system, I have to say that Royal Mail are blinkin useless (sorry Andy x) if you expect them to do anything in any sort of bulk!!!
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                          I haven't received my membership pack either and I joined up as a Full Member back in early July. My USER CP details are filled out correctly with my name and address including post code. I have messaged Paul but I am awaiting a reply.
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                            Well I'm also gona chip in............. I have had nothing either


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                              Thanks All.
                              I've now sent/resent packs to all those on this thread who have not had them.

                              For any future such issues, please PM me as it's easier for me to act on those quicker.

                              BTW - All Trax tickets have been sent. I have spare tickets/passes for any late bookers!