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  • Answerphone Problem

    I have found a problem with our answerphone. Whilst playing the weekend messages this morning, there were a few 'blank messages' that I had always assumed were people hanging up without leaving a message but it would appear that people were in fact leaving a message but the machine was recording silence. I found this out from speaking to a member this morning who swore blind that they had left messages on both Friday and Saturday, and the times they left those messages corresponded with some blank messages on the answerphone.
    I'm afraid I don't know for how long this problem has existed, but if you have left me a message and I haven't got back to you, I apologise.

    A quick trip to Argos this morning has resulted in the purchase of a new answerphone which should resolve the problem. I have also included my mobile number in the new answerphone message as an alternative which I will answer if I can (it has to be switched off at work for obvious reasons).

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