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Police aim to end all cruising in essex

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  • Police aim to end all cruising in essex

    Fast Car can exclusively reveal police are aiming to end ALL cruising with Essex.

    A new initiative launched on June 28th, is the hardest stance Essex Police have taken yet, with a source stating that their drive will: ‘put an end to cruising.’

    In details obtained by Fast Car, Essex Police have revealed undercover cars and uniformed officers will be hitting cruise hot spots including Basildon, Pitsea, Thurrock and Canvey Island.

    Patrols will also be mounted on a section of the A127 in Basildon and the A126 that runs alongside Lakeside Shopping Centre.

    Police are hoping the introduction of dispersal orders, and threat of arrest will rid cruisers from the county for good.

    However, local cruisers are expected to fight back and we know one thing for certain, Essex Police have got one hell of a battle on their hands.


    A new initiative being introduced in Essex will to put an end to ‘cruising’ and illegal driving, which is becoming increasingly common throughout the county.

    New measures are being introduced which will strongly impact those who enjoy ‘cruising’ in their leisure time, particularly in Basildon, Thurrock and Canvey Island. Essex police are introducing dispersal orders which will restrict the freedom of cruisers, including both drivers and spectators, often forcing them to leave the area if their behaviour is deemed as anti-social.

    Uniformed officers who suspect people of intimidating or harassing others in specific locations notorious for such behaviour will be able to force people to leave immediately and not return within 24 hours; with anyone contravening the order, liable for arrest

    Road Policing Inspector **** Thomas said: “These powers under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 are being used to disperse groups in the short-term, but we are looking at more, longer-lasting solutions to combat these nuisance drivers.”

    A section of the A127 in Basildon and several roads in the town, including Cranes Farm Road, Eastmayne and Uppermayne will be subjected to the 20-week orders. In addition, the Mayflower and Heron retail parks are places where cruisers are advised to avoid.

    In Pitsea, various roads surrounding Tesco on Hazlemere will also be covered under the dispersal order. In Thurrock, the A126 that runs alongside Lakeside Shopping Centre, along with various other roads, including Oliver Road and Weston Avenue, are also included in the order.

    On Canvey Island, a section of the A130 and roads surrounding Morrisons will also be ‘no-go’ areas for motorists who plan to cause a nuisance.

    The orders come into place this weekend (Saturday, June 28) and are valid until Saturday, November 15. Cruisers are strongly urged to consider this and avoid the areas whenever possible.

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    Originally posted by Mike View Post
    Fast Car can exclusively reveal police are aiming to end ALL cruising with Essex.



    "illegal driving"

    "forcing them to leave the area if their behaviour is deemed as anti-social."

    " intimidating or harassing others"

    " ‘no-go’ areas for motorists who plan to cause a nuisance."

    Just picked out a few key comments in the statement.....are these not all existing offences anyway?

    If the cruisers are being a nuisance to those who stay in the areas affected then I suppose they should expect to be dispersed. Its not a great issue up here, but like most things it only takes a few "stuntmen" to ruin it for everyone.


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      I seen it happen in Basildon

      High speed driving on public roads, roads being used as a drag strips, public roads being used as a race track and mini roundabouts being used to doughnut.

      after my car being knocked by one of the parties involved that night, and even though I was next to my car, the young lad still drove off.

      cruising can be good, but only in a controlled manner

      uncontrolled manner dangerous, which spoils it for the decent folk out there


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        lets pick on the easy targets never mind RAPISTS MURDERERS or PEEDOS ya usless ********!

        altho i agrea with scott if they are a pain and are cousing danger then fair enough


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          all us that just want to gather and chat,is always spoiled by one w*****r acting the idiot


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            I totally agree.......too many pr*cks spoil it for others but why meet and use a public road anyway?

            A gathering at a private destination is just as good.


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              Some of the groups in London/Essex carry their own 'road closed' and 'diversion' signs to allow street racing on empty industrial estates.

              It is worrying that people may get tarred with the same brush if you drive a modified car in Essex, after it is the county of the boy racer.


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                Suppose it will always go on no matter what the cops try to do, but like what's been said before, it only takes a few to **** it up for others.