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  • Road Trip!!!!

    Well started this month off with a road trip.

    Managed to find a bargain (well i think so) Calibra DTM 16V on Ebay.
    Decided that i wanted a "weekend play toy" so decided to get this,
    Dont get me wrong it needs some work doing to it to get it back to standard but i think that's half the fun of owning a older car.


    Woke up nice and early (6am) to make sure car was good for the run it was about to embark on.
    Got to Keifs at 8am and then the fun began. Yes keif with the camera lol

    From there it was a short trip to pick 2 more things:


    Made a slight modification to the car and trailer before leaving Harvey's house, then set off for the 100 mile there trip to pick the car up.

    Karen had been shopping the night before and well guess what she bought for the trip...

    So the 2 grown men (well ......) decided to relive their childhood and well....

    ha-ha a pair of stunned rabbits lol.

    could not find anywhere to put the rubbish in the back of the car, so Keif came up with what he thought was a "great" place.....

    Yeah you got it down the drivers (mine) back while i was driving.

    At least the weather held off all day

    Notice the safe distance left between myself and the car in front?

    a funny road sign that got us all laughing

    Not so secret now then lol

    Decided to follow the sat nav instead of the Harvey nav (learnt my lesson now)

    This lane was not too bad it was the lane after......

    I had a slight brown trouser moment that got the whole car into a fit of hysterics, the lane went from a b road to well a no road really, the trailer wheels were trying to climb up both sides of the grass banking on the side of the road!!!
    All for it to the take us back on the road that we had came off 3 miles previous

    managed to get quite a tailback going off too....

    Thanks to an incompetent driver 2 cars in front of me that was doing what seemed to be 30 in a 60 zone.

    FINALLY we get to the destination and there she is

    Sorted out the payment and the documents of the Cally then started to load her onto the trailer.

    Made sure she were strapped down and then set off again for the journey home. Turned the sat nav off and took directions from Harvey.

    Stopped off on the way back for a bite to eat and a drink, only to realise that there were no parking spaces for longer vehicles, luckily at the side of McDonald's there was a refilling station that allowed us to park in their forecourt while we had a refreshment stop.

    There was alot of tailgating going off from the rear of me

    However managed to get home safe and sound, with only the smell of the clutch once.
    The Vectra did me proud, not a mermor of trouble all day. Plenty of Torque for the hills and pulling off was even returning good figures on the screen for MPG when towing.

    Arrived at home where the car was unloaded and put on my drive ready to be analysed by a few scrupulous people (the above mentioned) and a few photo opportunities.

    On for the list of the inevitable jobs to do list........

    As you can see its only a small list......

    Took the trailer back to its owner and noticed something that leads me to believe this car was meant to be with me.
    The tow-bar had come loose from the main bracket of the towing frame. and was literally holding on by 1 bolt!!!

    A BIG thank you to Keif and Harvey as without these guys i would not have been able to get the car home.

    I had alot of fun that day and now the fun begins in finding the problems and restoring it back to standard.
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    Looked like a good day, the DTM Cally with the irmscher suspension is one of the sweetest handling cars I've driven.

    Another one saved!


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      Looked like a great trip mate Glad to see another old vaux in the hands of an enthusiast


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        Nice write up Ste, I enjoyed the day and was bloody knacked even though I wasn't driving. Remember, trust the HarveyNav and it'll get you there.
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          It was good, not laughed so much in a long time.

          Got the DTM at the right time too.

          Not much longer and it'd have been too far gone. Just needs an amount of TLC throwing at it now.
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            Originally posted by Scott View Post
            Looked like a good day, the DTM Cally with the irmscher suspension is one of the sweetest handling cars I've driven.

            Another one saved!
            Yes I remember bring mine home, watching it disappear into the distance at high speed as some maniac drove it like he stole it.

            I saw that one on ebay, it looked good for the asking price


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              excellent stuff mate


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                Good write up, Glad another DTM has been saved, cant be that many of them left now
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                  Originally posted by Robert Millar View Post
                  Yes I remember bring mine home, watching it disappear into the distance at high speed as some maniac drove it like he stole it.

                  ermm was this you scott???
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                    It is bringing back memories.

                    It does make me laugh when I see a similar sign in deepest darkest Essex.
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                      I was just blowing the cobwebs off......


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                        lol well could have been worse..........Yogi could have taken it home for ya!


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                          where did you pick it up from im sure thats near where i live and im sure ive seen that cali round


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                            it was from Bradley in wrexham.


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                              I thought id seen it round coz im from wrexham, it is a tidy one to be fair, cant wait to see it when you finished with it