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  • Op-com firmware update

    I Have An Op-Com unit and I have just downloaded some newer software and now need to update my firmware to V01.18 from V01.12 can anyone help on this for me it says "please enter the passcode for the given ID HIQPSJDT"

    Thanks Giz

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    You want to go from 1.18 to 1.20 I assume?

    This is relatively easy but first you need to download OPCOM 0801016, this will automatically update you to 1.2.

    The tricky part is upgrading to 1.33 which allows you to access a lot more of the special features on the OPCOM software. I tried for ages to do it the way that it is laid out on the VVOC site but to no avail, after trawling the web I found a Polish version of OPCOM 090420 that I downloaded, did the "test connection" part and it upgraded to 1.33 in seconds.

    Try a google search for both, you can get them on the likes of rapidshare.


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      cheers now updated to 1.2 thanks for your help