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  • discounts?

    could sumbody tell me what the club discount is with LMF am sure i saw sumwhere we get one just canni mind how much

    just so i can work out the price of my goodies am looking at lol

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    I Didnt think we did everytime i have used them i get told they are cheap enough and so dont give discount, could be wrong though


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      LMF discount is a farce! As Wayne has said above, they always tell you that they are cheap enough already so they don't do discounts.


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        Thats a bit naughty as it clearly states "up to 10% discount to all members"


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          There used to be a bigger LMF discount when we first launched Vxscc in early 2002. But as LMF grew and their prices became cheaper we found that members were being told what has been quoted above as far back as 5 years ago although Steve will still sometimes discount certain items if he can.

          It's never really caused a problem as we can provide all Irmscher items direct to members at less than retail (and LMF) prices, and the Trade Club discounts take care of many of the consumables and many mechanical parts that you may wish to buy from LMF.

          Just about everything else that LMF offer can often be found for similar or cheaper prices online if you search hard enough - just like most retailers these days.


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            If you do find what you are after elsewhere cheaper then it is worth going back to LMF and see if they can match the price - they have for me a few times.


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              lol never had one from no where mate!