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    Loved the Irmscher one at Billing (except the grill)

    THIS I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    nice like it, love the rims


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      I do or should that be did like the Insignia alot & couldn't wait for the VXR to arrive but after sitting in the black 4x4 that was on display I was really disappointed, for a car with next to no miles on the clock (I know it would of had hundreds of people sitting in it) but the level of wear on both front seats was very poor & I'm sure Vauxhall won't accept warranty claims for wear to the seats.

      I had planned on getting an Insignia VXR in a year or so but now to be honest it's made me a little depressed although hopefully the seats may in the VXR may be different as there Recaros, I guess only time will tell


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        I still much prefer the Sports Tourer to the saloon or hatch, it just looks that bit better in my eyes.
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          wear on both front seats was very poor
          I did comment on this to Rab too.
          Don't know if it's just the "facings" that are leather as in
          other Vxls.
          I had to get the bolster on the back of mine recovered, but
          did it with leather


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            i like it better with the irmscher grill