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  • Done it, Bought something different!

    Just bought a Alfa 147 1.6 T.spark Lusso, its for my other half, Alicia. She hasnt seen it yet and we are picking it up tomorrow! I took it for a test drive, and to be honest, I see what the fuss is about, its not quick, quiet slow in fact. But the sound the twin spark makes at high revs is something else and its just so nice to drive! Just hope it doesnt fall apart in 2 minutes.

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    Originally posted by A_Venables View Post
    Just bought a Alfa 147 1.6 T.spark Lusso,
    Well some one has too

    Just hope it doesn't fall apart in 2 minutes.
    It shouldn't fall apart just make sure you keep a fire extinguisher handy


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      Got one, with some bluetak in the boot and a RAC card


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        your now officaly a petrol head acorrding to clakson enjoy! ps do you enjoy your wallet being raped???


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          Nice one mate, a friend of mine is on his second Alfa now, he loves them.
          Are you going to Billing this year, if so which day / days.


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            Originally posted by GTE-steve View Post
            a friend of mine is on his second Alfa
            did his first one fall apart??? lol but on a serious note they go well! arourd the wheel arches, long the sills & the boot floor dont get me started! no enjoy!


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              Not going to any events this year, to be honest Im saving for an Alfa meself, It really has impressed me, just cant find anything in Vauxhalls newish lineup below 10k that I would be happy to change from the calibra. The Alfa is different, has style that I like, stack of kit as standard and a nice noise from the engine with out mods. So Im thinking about a 147 2.0 Lusso. I still like Vauxhalls and have an interest. Want something more comfortable, without being lowered. With the 147, it still feels connected to the road, still has feeling, the late Vauxhalls Ive driven havent felt like that. Maybe a mistake, but just gotta try it. Been loyal to Vauxhall to 8 years and 3 cars. Time for a change!