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One for Nick to complete his collection?

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  • One for Nick to complete his collection?

    On eBay now, then there'd be a matching pair
    Last edited by Steve; 19 June 2009, 06:18 AM.

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    I go on Nick


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      Would,nt mind that myself if i had the room lol. Rare car these days
      sigpic Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions


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        Hmmm - I have already been in touch with the seller. I asked for more pictures of the bodywork repairs to the doors and arches. That was when it was up for 2k and I told him that was too much money (it's now dropped to £1500)
        He did ask me what I thought it was worth, to which I replied once I'd seen more photos I would submit my 'best offer'.

        That was three weeks ago and I'm still waiting for the pictures. The absence of a proper history to verify the mileage also concerns me ('serviced by the owner?' - yeah right, and why burn the old MOTs ????) I have every bit of history with mine (MOTs since 1985, etc.) so I am a bit fussy like that.

        I do like the idea of having a hatch version as well - especially as there are only supposed to be 5 SR's left in the UK and mine is the only saloon.


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          If there's only 5 SRs left in the UK now, then they really won't come up very often, might be worth a trip down to get a proper look over it. I can't see him selling it easily if its dropped £500 in 3 weeks, might snatch your hand off if you wave a wedge of cash under the sellers nose


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            sounds a bit fishy

            a car like this shud hae al relevent paper work to back up it history

            a cracker tho


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              Bidding ended....did you buy it Nick?


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                I didn't want to travel that far to view it without having more pictures first. I just had a strong feeling I would be disappointed.

                Anyhow, I now have all the genuine GM replacement panels I need to restore the SR to pristine, namely bonnet, bootlid, both front panels, rear panel and both front wings - even the proper anthracite stripes to go above the side rubbing strip. It's not that it needs it, it's just that where it's had a few little repair jobs in it's life it is not perfect and pattern front wings have been used.

                Once the show season is over, I hope to get it all done ready for next year.