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  • History on van?

    Hi my 1st post on here. Been looking for an astra van for a bit. I hav eseen one in a garage in South Wales. It has black wheels irmy spoiler etc. Looks the part but is a cat d write off. The number plate is Y*** EWP. Just wondering if any one has any info on this van and how bad the damage was as it is on a forecourt not private sale. Also had the stickers of this site in back window so its not a random vauxhall. lol.

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    Welcome to the site mate. Not sure those stickers are for this site as I don't think any have been made yet!


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      I think the best thing to do is contact enforcer, he could possible pass on your info to the last owner


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        They had vauxhallsportscarclub stickers on rear window. Thats how I found this place.
        I wouldnt mind buyin a cat d as long as it wasnt too badly damaged. Although £1400 does seem a lot for a y reg van. Need to sell my astra coupe first though.
        Cheers for the quick replies


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          Hi, I dont know if it is still the case but if i remember right some insurance companies wont insure cat c or d?
          worth finding out,,,,,,,,
          Personally ---------- Bardge pole


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            Cat Ds can be quite decent cars if you get a right one. My mate is running round in a Cat D written off Corsa C, it was stolen and partially stripped by thieves wanting the Irmscher bodykit, no damage.

            With the year, it might have been uneconomical to repair with new parts, so the insurers would write it off as Cat D with only minor damage. Do your research and definitely HPI it !!


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              A CAT D only needs to be MOTd before being road legal again as it was only on economic rather than structural grounds that the insurance washed their hands of may not be the horror story that you may think. HPI/Cardata/AA check is the best bet, most will indemnify against the worst case scenario if it turns out to be a total basket case after you've bought it.