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    Have a swatch at what one of Top Gear Magazines' writers thinks of Vauxhall.....

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    What hope have they got with to$$ers like that slating them.
    Surely these progs should be un-biased (as they can be)as
    we the licence payers are paying them


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      GM Europe is in all effect an entirely different entity to GM US, when the press and other idiots stop jumping on the bandwagon and knocking GM as a whole, they will realise that the European business can survive.

      Companies like Toyota and VAG are on the brink of collapse too, in terms of sales and cutting back production, but no-one slates them because the press sees these as "untouchable" and their cars have apparent qualities in them that make them better! Paying more for a car make some people blind to inherent problems in the car they bought because they don't want to admit that they paid more for something that really isn't much better


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        I'd hardly call Vauxhalls boring.........True the interiors can be a bit bland but the cars themselves can be quite an exciting drive...........Obviously a biased uneducated opinion and he probably either drives a Ford or a


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          What 'Matt the Masterbater' should know is for the last 20 years or so Vauxhall has always had cars in the Top Ten in the sales charts.
          On the last series of Top Gear, Clarkson even said that Vauxhall is the only company not to have an ugly car in its range, praise indeed from the man .

          The current Astra H has been a huge success for GM Europe & the Eurobox he calls the vectra is there as well, not forgetting its success in the BTCC. (dont see any other Car Company who can match this including VW & all the Jap firms with how many wins )
          In Motorsport as a whole even in the 1970's & 80's Vauxhall had top cars such as the Chevette HS & HSR, Astra GTE, Cavalier BTCC with all the trophys to show

          Joe public cant all afford the 'Sports cars' that Top gear show on their program or that the writers like Mr Masterbater drives on his way home from a cushy day in the office. (he more than likely drives a BMW or better known as a German Staff car with the Sat Nav on so he doesnt get lost in London, bless)

          All of GM Europes cars which is the Vauxhall-Opel brand are designed in Europe including the UK, not America as he so wrongly states.
          Car of the year 2009......oh its a Vauxhall & an Insignia , Vauxhall-Opel won that award with the Astra Mk2 in 1985 & the Carlton Mk3 in 1987.
          The Calibra set the way for the Coupe, The Lotus Carlon another 1st for any major car company & the VX220, enouth said . It all comes down to one thing from the likes of people like him....... Badge Snobery, Vauxhall cant make fantastic cars, but as they do, lets slag them off

          Every car manufactor at the moment is finding it hard to sell cars but even so Vauxhall-Opel are still up there in the top 10 as people like the cars, aftersales, & what ever happens the Griffin will still be a part of the UK for a while yet (unlike Rover who kept flogging a dead donkey with no new designs) so up yours Mr Master from a Vauxhall owner & employee who loves his job & the brand ( & unlike Mr Masters dont sit in a dark room spanking the Monkey baby)
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            I'm not even going to rise to this......after all I wouldn't recommend a ford to anyone!


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              I subscribe to TG magazine and Matt Master drove an old Land Rover with no brakes and forever failing electrics, but has now upgraded to an old Audi Coupe Quattro, not the UR spec(Gene Hunt Spec) but the non-flared arch model. According to his column it has a few niggles but he likes "old" cars......but clearly not Vauxhall.

              I've been having a closer look at Vec Vxrs and came across this rather surprising review.....long winded but worth a read

              Ultimately its the people that buy the cars that denote the success of a certain model or marque.

              Most of us are Vauxhall repeat buyers, the RS boys will always go Ford....however most GTI boys would rather have the Audi than the VW if funds allowed (badge snobbery as Sean said).


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                Originally posted by sean_dhc1 View Post
                (he more than likely drives a BMW or better known as a German Staff car with the Sat Nav on so he doesnt get lost in London, bless)
                Is that the sat-nav they put in BMW's that only knows the way to London via Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Beguim and France and doesn't work in Russia

                Well can I make a comparisen to some of the Vauxhalls and Fords I've own over 20 years of driving?

                Nova 1.3SR 60k miles when I sold it, It was never once serviced when I owned it, oil was like sludge, never let me down

                Cavalier MK3 2.0 8v SRI 170k miles Thrashed within a inch of it's life most weekends between Hamburg and Nottingham by a mad squaddie who wanted to spend weekend at home, One new clutch at 120k miles Never let me down

                Astra Coupe 1.8 47k miles, never put a foot wrong apart from a Lamba sensor which disconnected itself never let me down

                Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia 93k miles, new gearbox, new clutch, new rear springs

                Ford Escort RS 2000 4x4 52k miles, new fusebox, electric's that were *A experiance* to say the least and a 4x4 system that had a mind of it's own

                Ford Focus 2.0 Zetec 65k miles, 2 new doors due to rust, new anti rollbar links, new rear bearings, new power steering pump, new tailgate lock

                So Mr Top Gear writer I think I'll be sticking with my Vauxhalls thank you


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                  The blokes a T0$$3R obviously been working with Clarkson for to long.......