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Thanks for the warm welcome, and apologies for the lack of posts, I have been super busy recently.

I will try and do a 'previously owned vauxhall's post this week
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Hi and welcome to the club
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Hi again guys,

I could not see a general car chat type section so thought I would post them on here

Quite a few Vauxhall's I don't have pictures of from back in the day....

Cavalier SRi130
Opel Manta GTE (white saloon with white 17')
2 x MK2 Astra GTE's (one of which ended up crashed)

Then I needed a runabout whilst still very young so opted for a MK3 Astra Sport 1.6 which blew up very soon after. So fitted a C18XE, Lexmaul 4 branch, de-cat, customer 2.5" cat back, enlarged/flowed throttle body, Lexmaul cam's, adjustable fuel pressure reg, F16CR box, Koni adjustables, 288mm brake set up, rear disk conversion, braided lines, full heated leather etc etc etc

Was a great fun little car until somebody ran in to the back of it at 50mph.

I replaced this with another 3dr Sport, but this time purple.
Swapped most bits across but never really had much love for it so that went pretty quickly.

Then I went to a MK4 SXi and wasted lots of money on that as well....
Full heated leather, dvd player, g force meters, 308mm front brakes, rear disc conversion, braided lines, coilovers, BBS rep's, GSi headlights & taillights, colour coded bump strips & handles etc etc

Then I grew up a little and went MK5 -

And another MK3, this time a GSi, did lots to this.....

Then the MK3 made way fro another MK2...

Then the MK2 made way for another MK3....

In the meantime had a few other Vauxhall's.....

Just got another Vauxhall also, I have had many cars but always found myself leaning back toward Vauxhalls
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Old 23rd July 2016, 05:36 PM   #14
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Hello & welcome, great photos of great cars, love the Manta & Chavette
Cheers gte-steve
I took out the six and shoe horned in a 383 Hemi, it's hot baby
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Some great cars.
I remember seeing that Manta 400 in Holand back in 1994 when it was up for sale.

2300 HS is stunning
Cheshire & North Wales Region. Home of A&M Conversions
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